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For more information about any of our CCS sports and activities, please contact Chelsea or Revis  

Interim AD's
Revis Nelson
Chelsea Erickson


CCS offers extracurricular activities for 3rd–12th-grade students in both boy's and girl's sports. 
As a temple of the Holy Spirit, the body of a young person is something to be cared for physically. The development of athletic skills is one aspect of their physical development. The athletic competition allows the student-athlete to use his or her God-given gifts in a wholesome manner in concert with other Christian young people under the direction of a Christian coach. Athletic competition also allows the team to demonstrate the level of development with an opponent, before peers, before the general public, and before the Lord (Colossians 3:23).


Athletic contests must be considered a team’s opportunity to witness their faith, demonstrate their unity, exercise their self-control, and show their progress in the sport. The purpose of the contest must not be the glorification of the individual, the adoption of an attitude of winning at all costs, nor the acceptance of the idea that an end justifies a means. Integrity, fairness, team play, love, and hard work are the positive attributes held before the students as goals of interscholastic athletic competition (Galatians 5:22–23). 


Volleyball: (6–12) Sign up here 
Elementary Soccer: (3-5) Sign up here
Soccer: (6–12) Sign up here 
Cross Country: (6–12) Sign up here


Boys Basketball (3-5) Sign up here 
Boys Basketball (6–12) Sign up here
Girls Basketball (3-5) Sign up here
Girls Basketball (6–12) Sign up here


Golf (6–12) Sign up here 
Trap Shooting (Age 12 & up. Gun safety course required) Sign up here 
Track & Field (6–12) Sign up here

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