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We celebrate passion, giftedness, and intelligence in all forms. We recognize that our students have a wide array of interests and we pursue to express that in all areas. 


In elementary and middle school, students create challenging and beautiful works of art that stretch who they are as artists, while in high school students explore new mediums and participate in discussions about art and the world around them.


Music is an enhancement and vehicle for worship. God has given each child such potential and at CCS we love opening up the world of music to their eyes and ears. We are blessed with talented young people that are willing to accept challenges and develop the many gifts and talents God has given them through their participation in our musical ensembles. 

Students are introduced to band instruments at the end of their 4th-grade year and are invited to participate in a week-long summer band camp to prepare them for the beginning band in 5th grade. The fundamentals of instrumental music are taught each week to grades 5–6 in small group lessons and full band rehearsals. Students are encouraged to continue exploring instrumental music throughout middle school and high school. 

Band members in grades 5–12 have the opportunity to share their music and glorify God throughout the year in events such as the Fall and Spring Concerts, Fine Arts Night, School Assemblies, Regional Competitions, and Honor Band Festivals, and performances throughout our community.

For more information about our Instrumental Band program, please contact Mrs. Tollefsrud, at


In grades, K–6, students learn beautiful music that brings glory and praise to our Lord. Two of the highlights CCS showcases each year are the Christmas and spring programs presented by the elementary music classes. Our high school worship band performs often in the school chapel and the Eagle Choir performs in Fall & Spring concerts. It fills our hearts with joy to see how the performance abilities of our students grow from year-to-year and how enthusiastically they give their all to bring glory to God. 

For more information about our Vocal Music or Drama programs, please contact Sarah Crowe at


In grades K–12, students learn how to love and understand people from other cultures (specifically the Latino culture), as we learn the Spanish language. I also enjoy speaking Spanish with my students as they become more fluent every year in the Spanish language. CCS provides a loving, Christian environment for each student.

For more information about the Spanish program, please contact Rhonda Holien at

Featured Artwork by Mackenzie Tuttle.

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